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The company

Eurohealth provides ambulance services.

The company consists of specialized executives with long standing experience in the field of health, with many years of experience in the sensitive field of first aid. Eurohealth undertakes with  confidentiality and safety the transportation of patients throughout Greece and Europe, either for emergencies and scheduled cases.

Our goal is your loved ones to reach their destination safely, consistently and quickly and feel our staff like their own family.

Our goal is the trust of patients / customers, which is achieved through the high services, characterized by confidentiality & security.

Our vision is the development and evolution of the fleet of vehicles & human resources of Eurohealth through professionalism, focusing on the sensitivities of each patient.

For the best and immediate service of the patient, Eurohealth consists of specialized Ambulances of high standards, which fullfil all the required specifications according to the Ministry of Health (ISO 9001, .... other certifications).

Eurohealth is specialized in transporting patients from & to inaccessible areas.

Eurohealth being fully staffed with experienced personnel, certified rescuers, specialized doctors and nurses, as well as modern fleet provides 24 hours a day and 365 days a year:

  • Safe transport of patients throughout Greece & Europe.

  • Trasnport of patients for emergencies & scheduled cases throughout Greece & Europe.

  • Transport of patients to all special means of transport.

  • Transport of patients in collaboration with Insurance Companies and other private diagnostic centers, hospitals  & nursing homes.

  • Coverage of sports and other events.

  • Transport of people belonging to vulnerable groups.

In case air transportation is required inside or outside Greece, Euroh ealth cooperates with air transportation companies with equipped planes and helicopters.

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