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WHEELCHAIR WITHOUT CONTAINER. With small compact wheels, simple type and folding. Also available in other colors.


SIMPLE TYPE WHEELCHAIR WITH LARGE WHEELS & CONTAINER With large inflatable rear wheels (moved by the patient himself) for outdoor and indoor use. Wheelchair. Foldable with wc container. Folding wheelchair. Metal frame. Soft seat with front opening for toilet use. Detachable arms. Detachable footrests. Available with inflatable or solid wheels. Brakes on the rear wheels. Removable WC toilet bowl. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use. Maximum user weight 100 Kg Wheelchair Dimensions: wheelchair width 64 seat width 44 height 89 length 102 seat length 44 seat height 42


SPECIAL TYPE WHEELCHAIR WITH TENDING BACK. Description Inlet, foldable with removable sides and reclining footrests and reclining raised back. Wheelchair with reclining back Folding wheelchair Metal frame Fabric seat Possibility of partial fall of the back Detachable arms Lifting feet Detachable inflatable wheels (quick release) PU front solid wheels Additional neck support cushion Easy to transport and store Brakes on the rear wheels Recommended for indoor and outdoor use Maximum user weight 100 Kg Wheelchair dimensions: wheelchair width 63 seat width 46 height 120 length 120 seat length 43 seat height 75


ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR. Description: The Quickie Rumba is a versatile and easy-to-use wheelchair. Its strong, durable structure can be easily folded for transport. A wide range of options and accessories allows Rumba to adapt to your needs. Small base size, portable and adjustable ... The Quickie Rumba with a base size of only 59cm wide (with 42cm seat width) allows easy access to elevators and narrow passages. Even with the seat adjusted to a maximum width of 48cm the width of the base is just 65cm. An easily removable back and batteries combined with a folding frame and the fact that the heaviest part of the wheelchair is 37.5kg makes the Rumba easy to carry and place in the trunk of the car.


SIMPLE WHEELCHAIR WITH CONTAINER. Also available in other colors.


ΑΜΑΞΙΔΙΟ ΕΙΔΙΚΟΥ ΤΥΠΟΥ ΜΕ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥΣ ΤΡΟΧΟΥΣ Εισαγωγής,πτυσσόμενο με προσθαφαιρούμενα πλαινά και υποπόδια. Το Breezy 250 είναι αμαξίδιο ειδικού τύπου, κατασκευασμένο από ατσάλι και είναι διαθέσιμο σε μια ποικιλία μεγεθών, χρωμάτων και αξεσουάρ, για να εξασφαλιστεί μια τέλεια αντιστοιχία με τις ανάγκες του χρήστη. Διατίθεται σε τρία διαφορετικά μοντέλα: Το Breezy 250 έχει σταθερή πλάτη για άτομα που θα το χρησιμοποιήσουν ως αμαξίδιο για τις δραστηριότητές τους. Το μοντέλο έχει οπίσθιους τροχούς 24 ιντσών. Το Breezy 250 μπορεί να έχει ανακλινόμενα και ρυθμιζόμενα καθ’ ύψος υποπόδια. Έχει δυνατότητα να έχει ρυθμιζόμενα καθ’ ύψος πλαϊνά, ανατομικό κάθισμα και πλάτη ακόμα και κάθισμα τουαλέτας. Δέχεται μεγάλη γκάμα αξεσουάρ όπως βάση φιάλης οξυγόνου, στατώ ορού, αντιανατρεπτικούς τροχούς και άλλα πολλά.


TOILET - BATHROOM WHEELCHAIR Ideal wheelchair bath does not rust. Folding Toilet - Bath Trolley. Metal frame Soft seat upholstered in foam removable for bathroom use. Fixed sides. Detachable footrests. Solid wheels. Brakes on the rear wheels. Toilet container wc. Recommended for indoor use. Maximum user weight 100 Kg Dimensions: length 78cm. wheelchair width 55cm seat width 45cm seat length 43cm back length 40cm wheelchair height 96cm wheelchair weight 13kg


"SUNNY" SEA WHEELCHAIR Description: Used for beach use Suitable for rehabilitation centers with a swimming pool. Frame: Aluminum Grey colour Rear Wheels: Compact Front wheels: Compact Back Width: 49 CM Seat Width: 49 CM Seat Depth: 42 CM Back Height: 80 CM Overall Width (rear wheels): 93 CM Overall Length: 137 CM Overall Height: 104 CM Seat height from the ground: 31 CM Front wheel (1 piece - Diameter): 29 CM Rear wheels (2 pieces - Diameter): 44 CM Maximum patient weight: 120 KG Product weight: 12.5 KG Optional accessories Shade (Code: 0805314) Carrying bag (Code: 0805315)


SIMPLE WHEELCHAIR WITH LARGE WHEELS With large inflatable rear wheels (moved by the patient himself) for outdoor and indoor use. Folding wheelchair Folding wheelchair Metal frame Fabric seat Lifting office arms With double scissors for greater durability Detachable footrests Available with inflatable or solid wheels Brakes on the rear wheels Recommended for indoor and outdoor use. Maximum user weight 100 Kg Wheelchair dimensions: width 60 seat width 46 height 93 length 106 seat length 42


SPECIAL TYPE WHEELCHAIR WITH SMALL WHEELS The Breezy 250 is a special type wheelchair made of steel and is available in a variety of sizes, colors and accessories, to ensure a perfect match with the user's needs. Available in three different models: The Breezy 250 has a stable back for people who will use it as a wheelchair for their activities. The model has 12-inch rear wheels. The Breezy 250 can have reclining and height-adjustable footrests. It has the ability to have height-adjustable sides, anatomical seat and back and even a toilet seat. It accepts a wide range of accessories such as oxygen cylinder base, serum stator, anti-subversive wheels and much more.


SCOOTER ELECTRIC. Description: Enjoy the benefits of a large mobility scooter with a small size with the Sterling Fortress Calypso. Are you looking for a compact scooter that also offers a comfortable riding experience? Fortress Calypso is for you. This extremely versatile vehicle is equally suitable for use around the house, for shopping at the local market or for an enjoyable afternoon in the city. A pleasant and comfortable route. At Fortress Calypso enjoy the comfort of both front and rear suspension, an ergonomic steering system and its fully adjustable seat. The new steering wheel design makes it easy to turn and offers protection to your hands. For greater safety and stability there is a basket in front, front bumper, good lighting and built-in brake light. The Fortress Calypso has an extremely convenient dual control panel, as well as the ability to adjust the position of the controller for accessibility. You can easily disassemble this compact mobile scooter and transport it to your car.

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ΣΤΡΩΜΑ ΑΦΡΟΛΕΞ ΜΟΝΟΣΠΑΣΤΟ. Στρώμα (foam) αφρολέξ με ένα σπάσιμο στο ύψος της πλάτης, ύψους 10 cm. Μαλακό υλικό προς αποφυγή άσκησης πίεσης στο σώμα του ασθενή και πρόκληση κατακλίσεων. Με επένδυση από ανθεκτικό, υποαλλεργικό , πλενόμενο ύφασμα με φερμουάρ. Πυκνότητα αφρολέξ 200gr/cm. Προσαρμόζεται ιδανικά στις μονόσπαστες κλίνες με δυνατότητα ανύψωσης της πλάτης. Διαστάσεις στρώματος: 90 (Π) x 195 (Μ) x 10 (Υ) cm.

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