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Patient Assistance 


TYPES OF NECK COLLARS. Soft - Semi-Hard - Hard - Height Adjustable - With Suspender - Support Straps and other.

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ABDOMEN. Abdominal area, umbilical cord, umbilical cord, cleft palate.

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SOLE. Achilles Shoe Socks, Heel Socks, Orthopedic Foot Soles and other


STOPPING SPLINTS UPPER & LOWER LIMBS. Octoid key bandage - Back Immobilization Splint, Shoulder - Omite - Neurological Splint Limb - Finger Splint and other.

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Orthopedic Items for Hips & Knees. Sub-patellar Bundles, Knee patches, Patches, Knee Adhesives with Hinge.


VEIN SOCKS. Knee socks, rhizome, Tights, and others in different colors.


TYPES OF TORM. Kyphosis Zones, Thoracotomy, Women - Men Sides, Postoperative Zones, Lumbar Zones.


Ankle straps


MASTECTOMY PRODUCTS. Silicone Breast Prosthesis, Mastectomy bra


PEDIATRIC SERIES. Neck (soft - semi-hard collar) Upper-lower limb splints, Knee pads, Abduction Pillows, Baby Upright

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